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Kalø Økologisk Landbrugsskole is the only school in Denmark educating young people in the field of organic agriculture. Our approximately 100 students and future farmers are instructed in domestic animal care, cultivation of plants, technical skills, social studies, economics, production and management.
The school is placed in a very beautiful Danish countryside near water, forest and cultivated fields. Personally and collectively we highly value ecology, community, development, credibility and quality in everything we do.
The students can chose to live at the school. This creates the best possible way of forming a close relationship with each other as well as with the staff. The atmosphere at the school is very informal and the placement will be great for a volunteer who is not afraid of getting his or her hands dirty from digging up vegetables or helping out taking care of the animals in the stables.

At Kalø we have an international program called “Global Organic Farmer”. Classes of this program consists of 50% Danish and 50% foreign students from EU countries. The foreign students live at the school together with the Danish students, creating an international environment. Our Global Organic Farmers spend 4 weeks in Tanzania, contributing to the local production of coffee, bananas, mangos etc.
Our staff consists of agronomist, agricultural technologist, kitchen staff, farmer, IT, leadership, consultant, craftsman etc.
In total we are about 25 people working at Kalø. Our staff are used to dealing with intercultural as well as interlinguistic differences appearing among the young people.


We imagine that the two EVS volunteers are enrolled in a mixed program along the year according to the season:

  1. All year long farming, including livestock (pigs, sheep, hens, cows), plants, field work, managing agricultural machinery, preparing vegetables for the farm shop etc. There is more work in agriculture from March to October but the animal care-taking is all year long.
  2. During the winter, you will also be farming, but you will also probably be involved in other tasks like School administration including IT, marketing of the school in different networks (Instagram, Facebook, blogging etc.) and food manufacturing, tracing the process from soil to plate. The volunteer may work in our kitchen, with almost 100% organic food manufacturing, cooking both vegetarian and with meat.

Farming will involve establishing, maintaining, and harvesting crops as well as animal care-taking, processing or selling the meat. We use our own crops and meat in the organic school kitchen. We also have a farm shop with a large variety of vegetables, which the volunteer also will be involved in to preparing.

In general the volunteer will get the opportunity to learn about domestic animal care, animals’ and plants’ annual cycles, greenhouse and outdoor farming, becoming acquainted with organic and sustainable cultivation. As animals can be hungry at all times a day, the volunteers should be prepared to work outside normal office hours. Naturally they will be given time off at other times.

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