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Work experience is essential for getting a job. The “Young Workers Program” is a great way to gain work experience and develop work-related skills and knowledge.

The program is aimed at young adults who want to clarify career goals and gain intercultural knowledge. The organizations involved are NGOs and charities that look for young workers to play an active part in their organization and to contribute to the daily work routine of the organization.

The Young Workers Program offers the possibility to work in one of Germany’s interesting provider of “Outdoor Educational Activities”. The project is based 14 km away from the City of Schwerin. As a “Young Worker” you will be surrounded by nature and a large lake (Schweriner See) and you will work within a great team to educate and attract young people for outdoor and educational activities. On the end of your year, you will have the opportunity get a certificate as an educational teacher.

Project Description

The Schwerin based project offers the following opportunities for young people:

  • Untouched nature and landscape
  • Canoeing, rowing boats in the lake “Schweriner See”
  • Group tours for schools, clubs and associations
  • Seminars for trainees
  • Basic and advanced training for young adults and students
  • Practice partner for schools, colleges, universities and companies
  • Events like lectures, workshops and seminars
  • An innovative, creative and evolved learning organization

In the first half of your year you will get experience by assisting the team. In the second half then you will take the lead, take more responsibility in actions and get practical experience. As a young worker you will perform the following tasks:

  • Support coordinating the groups
  • Assistance at the development and realization of outdoor activities
  • Support of workshops for experiential learning
  • Participation in workshops and advanced training
  • Support in the basic and advanced training for young adults and students
  • Group management
  • House administration
  • Guest support at the reception

You will:

  • get professional experience for your future and career
  • develop your personality
  • self-confidence
  • responsibility
  • a certificate as an educational teacher

Working hours:

  • 40 hours per week (three weeks of work, one week off)
  • Working on weekends is sometimes required
  • You will have 24 days of vacation

Programma Details

  • Programma
    • Internships
    • Volunteering
  • Plaats
  • Individueel programma of groepsprogramma
  • Highlights
    • Opportunity to get a certificate as an educational trainer
    • Pocket money, € 200 per month
    • BahnCard for using railway on vacation in Germany
    • Optional: 100 lesson units in German language

Wat is inbegrepen

  • Accommodatie
  • 24/7 noodondersteuning
  • Maaltijden
  • Assistentie bij inschrijving
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Begeleiding
  • Oriëntatie voor vertrek
  • Oriëntaties tijdens je uitwisseling
  • Oriëntatie bij terugkeer
  • Individuele contactpersoon
  • Onthaal op de luchthaven
  • Zakgeld
  • Plaatsing in een vrijwilligersproject
  • Taallessen

Waar ben je zelf verantwoordelijk voor

  • Vlucht / internationaal transport
  • Inentingen