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Since it opened its doors in 1988, our center has carried out various programs with the aim of supporting the children and adolescents in terms of their integral development and their future performance as social beings, reinforcing affective bonds with the family and improving their nutritional status, their health and their living standard. The Center works with 827 children of 415 families living in the Las Lomas area as well as 10 areas surrounding the Center. With some services, it indirectly reaches 45,370 inhabitants, according to demographic data provided by the Municipal District Government of Cotahuma.


  • Pasankeri Sur
  • San Martín
  • Calamarca
  • Obispo Bosque
  • Llojeta Vergel
  • Cotahuma
  • Pasankeri
  • Las Lomas
  • Tiwiña Tres Marías
  • Tembladerani

As a volunteer, you can contribute to comprehensive development and training of children, adolescents, their families and the community, through projects aimed to promote their social inclusion and improve their living conditions.

Programma Details

  • Programma
    • Volunteering
  • Plaats
  • Individueel programma of groepsprogramma

Wat is inbegrepen

  • Accommodatie
  • Gastgezin
  • 24/7 noodondersteuning
  • Maaltijden
  • Assistentie bij inschrijving
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Begeleiding
  • Oriëntatie voor vertrek
  • Oriëntaties tijdens je uitwisseling
  • Oriëntatie bij terugkeer
  • Onthaal op de luchthaven
  • Lokaal transport
  • Assistentie bij visa-aanvraag
  • Plaatsing in een vrijwilligersproject

Waar ben je zelf verantwoordelijk voor

  • Vlucht / internationaal transport
  • Kosten voor visa en paspoort
  • Medische verzekering
  • Inentingen