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The International People’s College has hosted English and Danish summer language courses for more than 30 years. With its unique mixture of language classes optimised to all levels (from beginners to university level) and introductions to key aspects of Danish culture and society they offer a unique framework for anyone interested in Denmark and the Danes.

You have a choice between:

  1. “Human, Life and Society” (30 juni – 20 juli)
    Meer info over de inhoud vind je op de website.

2. English Language, Danish Culture & Society (23rd July to 12th August 2020):

Your program will include:

  • Three intensive weeks with 56 language lessons
  • Language classes optimised to all levels (from beginners to university level)
  • Only 8-12 students in each language class
  • Experience Denmark together with students from all over the world
  • Meeting locals and introduction to the Danish culture


What is a Folk College?

The Danish Folk College is a unique school concept that can be described as a ”School of Life”, where you can learn everything that you can’t learn out of books. There are no exams or academic requirements for admittance, but you will probably learn more on a personal, interpersonal and intercultural level than you would have ever thought possible.

You sleep, eat, follow classes and spend your spare time in and around the college together with your fellow students and teachers. In that way you are able to live in a family-like community and create a safe space where everybody can be themselves, try out new things, make mistakes and learn.

Since you are retreated from the everyday life stress and struggles, you can fully focus on your own personal development in a reflective and inspirational environment. You can further develop your existing talents or discover totally new ones.

Practical information

  • You will both study, live and eat at the Folk College, and in that way enjoy the vibrant and socially engaging life at the Folk College.
  • You will typically be accommodated in double rooms. You will be able to wash your clothes at the college and there is free WiFi all over the college.
  • In the evenings you may choose to immerse yourself in creative activities using the many facilities of the college, engage in intercultural activities, or just relax and have a good time with your fellow students.
  • In the weekends you will be invited to take part in the many activities organized by the college or the students themselves.

Programma Details

  • Programma
    • Language
    • Study Abroad
  • Plaats
  • Individueel programma of groepsprogramma
    Individueel of in groep
  • Highlights
    • Volg intensieve taallessen
    • Leef samen met jongeren van over de hele wereld
    • Neem deel aan diverse sociale activiteiten van de Folk College

Wat is inbegrepen

  • Accommodatie
  • 24/7 noodondersteuning
  • Maaltijden
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Begeleiding
  • Oriëntatie voor vertrek
  • Oriëntatie bij terugkeer
  • Onthaal op de luchthaven
  • Lokaal transport
  • Culturele activiteiten
  • Taallessen

Waar ben je zelf verantwoordelijk voor

  • Retourticket vliegtuig, trein en/of bus
  • Medische verzekering