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Ontdek de rijke culturele en kunstgeschiedenis van Tunesië in een internationaal team van archeologen en bezoek Tunis, de beroemde site van Carthago en de mozaïeken het Bardo Museum of maak zelf keramiek tijdens een van de artistieke workshops ter plaatse. Door in een internationaal team samen te werken op de archeologische site Neapolis, doe je een onvergetelijke interculturele ervaring op en word je bewust van je eigen cultuur en achtergrond. Je ontdekt ook de cultuur uit de regio wanneer je Kerkouane bezoekt en met lokale verenigingen en wetenschapsclubs bekijkt hoe je erfgoed en milieu kunt beschermen.


These new discoveries in Neapolis are of great historical interest, and allow to obtain results that open up new fertile horizons for research. Conducted by Head of Project Dc. Mounir Fantar, a researcher and archeologist at the Heritage Institute and Director of the Department of Monuments and Ancient Sites at the same institute, the research is carried out jointly by the Tunisian Heritage Institute and the Italian University di Sassari.

The dig will resume the current excavations at Neapolis, concentrating on the forum sector; they are helping to better understand the articulation of different spaces within the urban fabric of the ancient city.

Archaeological excavations conducted at Neapolis have so far revealed two major monuments:
• A sumptuous house in peristyle architecture dating back to the 4th century AD, located in the urban fabric and occupying an area of 1500 m2. The excavation of this house has yielded a series of mosaics.
• Salting factories. During the Roman period, the city enjoyed economic prosperity based mainly on the production and commercialization of garum, a condiment much appreciated by the Romans that consisted of a sauce from the flesh or viscera of fish fermented for a long time in lots of salt to prevent rotting, and of salsamenta.

Thanks to its salting factories and the considerable number of uncovered vats on the site, Neapolis boasts to be one of the largest garum production centers in the Roman world.
Underwater surveys in Neapolis, conducted by a Tunisian-Italian team of researchers from the Tunisian National Heritage Institute and the Italian University of Sassari, revealed the presence of submerged structures: a large number of cuvettes, in situ, in the same orientation of the salsamenta production units uncovered on the land site.
The submersion by the sea of about one third (16 hectares) of the total area of the site was caused by a catastrophic earthquake and subsequent tsunami that had affected the Colonia Iulia Neapolis towards the middle of the 4th century AD. The ancient city port and the zones dedicated to the salting industry were simply engulfed by the sea. In all likelihood, Neapolis would have been affected by this tremendous universal catastrophe of July 21, 365 AD which was reported by Ammien Marcellin.


  • Je bent tussen 17 en 77 jaar (geboren tussen 6 juli 1942 en 6 juli 2002)
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