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Kies een online programma met focus op de volgende SDG’s:

1. Wildlife
2. Bescherming van het mariene milieu
3. Klimaatverandering & duurzaamheid
4. Publieke gezondheid
5. Mensenrechten & advocacy
6. Sociaal ondernemerschap
7. Maatschappelijke ontwikkeling

WILDLIFE (foundations)

While the human population continues to increase, wildlife and biodiversity around the world is on the decline. Learn about the major issues affecting conservation, such as unsustainable consumption of natural resources and the climate crisis. You’ll gain foundational knowledge of conservation best practices and explore prevalent solutions to these major issues.You’ll also learn about the principles of biodiversity and ecosystem management and analyse the interaction between species and their environment. This program equips you with the foundation you need to start making a sustainable impact and begin on your chosen career path in this critical field.

WILDLIFE (advanced)

Are you interested in accelerating your career in wildlife conservation? Or have you always wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of wildlife conservation? Join our Advanced
Wildlife Conservation program. Complete six engaging courses, gaining advanced knowledge of how to make an effective contribution to wildlife conservation efforts.
The program equips you with skills such as how to analyse a conservation-protected area and work with camera traps to monitor wildlife populations. You’ll learn about the biggest threats to wildlife biodiversity and explore real-world conservation initiatives in action, through case studies covering a range of locations.


Learn about universal efforts to preserve the world’s largest aquatic ecosystems directly from experts working in the field – and the roles they fulfill to achieve this. You’ll gain knowledge of the terms and techniques used in conservation for activities that include identifying marine species and surveying natural habitats.
Joining the program will also provide you with insight into the importance of team and leadership skills when working with local and international organisations to achieve marine conservation objectives. As a result, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge needed to navigate your ideal conservation career path – then enhance your professional profile to land the job.


We rely on the world’s oceans and seas to provide us with numerous life-sustaining resources. These resources contribute to global food security, economic and livelihood generation, climate regulation, and the very oxygen that we breathe. Increase your ability to support the preservation of these important resources when you join our Advanced Marine Conservation Program.
You’ll learn scientific research and data collection techniques and better understand the role of different species within an ecosystem. You’ll also advance your knowledge on the key issues prevalent in marine conservation while learning how to plan for and measure your social and environmental impact and the impact set by organisations in the field.


Complete our Foundations in Climate Crisis and Sustainability online course to gain an understanding of the importance of maintaining a balance between the earth’s natural resources and economic development.
Gain a deeper understanding of how organisations, both public and private, can aim to minimise or eliminate damage to the environment and thereby reduce the effects of climate change. Consider how sustainability can be achieved in business, schools, universities and your own life, and how doing so can help tackle climate crisis issues such as plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Learn about the key concepts of environmental sustainability, so that you can kick start your career in sustainability management.


In recent years health statistics have shown a marked improvement in areas of global health, such as the life expectancy and well being of communities across the world. However, this progress can often be skewed by social factors such as income levels, gender, education and ethnicity.
Gain a deeper understanding of global healthcare systems and the work done by public health professionals to address leading health concerns. Learn more about what steps are being taken to increase access to quality health care for all. After completing this program you’ll be equipped with the foundational knowledge needed to start pursuing your career in the field of global public health.


Are you passionate about achieving fair access to justice for all? Or are you an advocate for the rights of women, children, refugees and other vulnerable groups? Join our Foundations in Human Rights and Advocacy online course to develop the skills, knowledge and network you need to launch your career in the field of human rights.
Become familiar with the essential terminology, tools and concepts that will allow you to better understand how the justice system works. Study the key human rights policies, along with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as you gain insight into some of the most important milestones and historical events of human rights.


Are you motivated by a desire to see a change in the way business is done? If you’ve always wanted to learn more about social entrepreneurship, then this is the course for you. In this course, you’ll learn how to assess if an organisation is making a measurable impact and if they are meeting their social objectives.
You’ll learn the skills needed to become a social entrepreneur with understanding all the elements that make up a microenterprise, as well as the fundamentals of impact investing and how to start a social enterprise. Gain first-hand insight into initiatives such as improving business opportunities in underserved communities. Increase your understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs) and the differences between metrics and benchmarking in impact management.


If you feel that community empowerment should be an important consideration in economic decisions and believe in the concept of conscious capitalism, then this is the program for you. In this program, you’ll discuss the benefits of having local knowledge and community buy-in, and how these can be major factors in achieving developmental goals.
Learn more about the process of measuring impact and how this is a fundamental step in contributing to initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This program will provide you with advanced knowledge in the fields of human rights, global health and community development, as you learn how to contribute to real-world impact projects.

Ieder online programma omvat daarnaast een cursus met carrièretips en leadership competences. In de loopbaancursus leer je over verschillende loopbanen in duurzame ontwikkeling en leer je hoe je moet netwerken, een CV schrijven, solliciteren en indruk maken
tijdens een sollicitatiegesprek. In de cursus rond leiderschap kom je te weten hoe je doelen stelt, feedback geeft, conflicten beheert en de verschillende rollen van teamleden identificeert.

Hiernaast krijg je ook toegang tot de Global Competence Certificate, een online tool die focust op interculturele competenties.

Programma Details

  • Programma
    • Internships
    • Study Abroad
    • Volunteering
  • Plaats
  • Individueel programma of groepsprogramma
  • Highlights
    • Develop your leadership skills
    • Boost your CV & accelerate your career
    • Develop your project management skills
    • Volg de Global Competence Certificate en versterk je interculturele competenties

Wat is inbegrepen

  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Begeleiding
  • Toegang tot een netwerk van alumni
  • Wereldwijde aanwezigheid
  • Individuele contactpersoon
  • Schoolmaterialen

Waar ben je zelf verantwoordelijk voor

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