“If you’re a student and you still haven’t done the program, I fully recommend you to do it”

De Argentijnse studente Sol kwam in de zomer van 2019 naar België voor haar AFS-avontuur. Door de coronacrisis moest ook zij vroegtijdig haar uitwisseling stoppen. Eenmaal thuis nam ze deel aan de speciale editie van de Global Competence Certificate om haar interculturele avontuur verder te zetten. Lees hier haar ervaring.

“Really thanks to AFS and to the GCC, because thanks to this program I am better now. This situation was really hard for everyone, and this program is a way to finish it in a good way.”

“This program made me think about a lot of things, and about me, what I have learned, what I have changed, what I did, how I feel, and that I’m not alone. We are a lot of students who had a lot of delusions and made strong relationships with friends around the world, with our second family, and with a different culture that we fell in love [with] in our way.”

“This is actually really hard but thanks to this program I’m doing really well. Even it has broken my heart in a thousand pieces, but now I can see all the positives things about doing an exchange program, and even that somehow four months have been stolen from me, which I will always have in mind and that I could never live [with], but I can still say that these 6 months were one of the best times of my life and learning. It will be forever.”

“Greetings from Argentina. Love and peace and stay home, quedate en casita, blijf in uw kot!”