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Getting immersed in a new culture

I’m Zeineb, an AFS student from Tunisia in China and I’m writing to talk you about my first month here. I’ve always wanted to be an exchange student and now…

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Having the time of my life

I’ve already been an exchange student for a month. It’s so unbelievable. To be honest, this month was the best of my life so far. Only one month, but so many…

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Realizing my dreams

“Tak kenal maka tak sayang” This is a popular saying from my beautiful country, Indonesia. It means, if you do not know about something, then you cannot be in love.…

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A stepping stone for my dream

I’m a little shy, I can also be a little bit crazy. I’m funny; I like a good laugh and I love to read, too. Sometimes I just sit still…

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Now I have family all over the world

When I look back, I think about how those past eight months have brought me A LOT. Not in form of diplomas or medals, but in the way I get…

India, AFS USA
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An experience like no other

It’s been about seven months since I decided to go abroad. I think this has been one of the decisions that has most impacted my life, in a positive way…