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Have an academic experience, practice your Spanish and live with a host family while learning a very particular bilingual culture, surrounded by nature and human warmth.

AFS Paraguay offers young people the opportunity to learn its rich bilingual culture in a safe environment, green settings and more important, surrounded by human warmth.

Participants can choose between the following careers at two universities:

“Universidad Columbia”:

  • Business Administration The career of Business Administration, seeks to train future leaders capable of creating and directing business opportunities to develop highly competitive companies, with a global vision and great management capacity.
  • Accounting Form a professional with solid knowledge in Financial Accounting, taxation and auditing, able to provide information to make timely, adequate and functional decisions, with a socially responsible vision and respond to the expectations and new challenges that occur in organizations by internal factors and external.
  • Marketing The Marketing career responds to the reality of continuous and rapid change of tastes and interests of consumers, as it prepares qualified professionals to develop an approach based on maintaining and consolidating customer relationships over time. It enables the professional to propose, evaluate, analyze and identify the needs and desires of the market with techniques of planning, organization, direction, integration and control of marketing functions; Its function is to serve as an optimal link that allows the organization to attract, maintain and intensify relationships with customers in a creative and productive way with strategies in line with their competitive position and environment.
  • Tourism & Hotel management The Tourism and Hospitality career, seeks to train professionals with solid knowledge in Hotel Management and Tourism; with a clear orientation towards the service, with a high command of the most used computer systems in the area and extensive competencies for the organization of events; manages, advises and manages sustainable tourism projects nationally and internationally in both the public and private sectors. *
  • Graphic design The Graphic Design Career at Columbia University is a career committed to the formation of professional consultants in communication design, which responds to market needs and guarantees training for a quality and short-term job placement for its students and graduates and that understands design as a business and social management, and as a tool for improving the quality of life of people.
  • Psychology Psychology is a discipline that studies the cognitive, affective and social processes that intervene in the constitution and development of the human being in their individual and social context. It is about describing, explaining and understanding the aspects related to the mind, learning, development and social relationships to train psychologists with a solid theoretical, ethical and instrumental basis, through professional competences for the promotion of human development.

“Universidad San Carlos:

  • Agrarian Administration
  • Agronomy
  • Forest engineering
  • Zootechnics
  • Food Technology
  • Environmental sciences

Programma Details

  • Programma
    • Study Abroad
  • Plaats
  • Individueel programma of groepsprogramma
  • Highlights
    • Maak kennis met het Paraguayaanse studentenleven
    • Kies je richting

Wat is inbegrepen

  • Gastgezin
  • 24/7 noodondersteuning
  • Maaltijden
  • Assistentie bij inschrijving
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Begeleiding
  • Oriëntatie voor vertrek
  • Oriëntaties tijdens je uitwisseling
  • Oriëntatie bij terugkeer
  • Ticket heen- en terugreis
  • Onthaal op de luchthaven
  • Lokaal transport
  • Assistentie bij visumaanvraag
  • Medische verzekering
  • Taallessen

Waar ben je zelf verantwoordelijk voor

  • Kosten voor visa en paspoort
  • Zakgeld
  • Inentingen
  • Schoolmaterialen

Start je avontuur

Weet jij al zeker dat je naar Paraguay wil of twijfel je nog? Laat je informeren en krijg vrijblijvend advies op maat! Meld je aan via de knop links.

Meld je aan

Leer ons kennen

De beste manier om meer te weten te komen over dit programma is door langs te komen op een infomoment, een kennismaking te plannen of te praten met een ervaringsdeskundige (oud-deelnemer of vrijwilliger). We organiseren regelmatig infomomenten online of bij jou in de buurt.

Kom langs

Het #AFSeffect in Paraguay

Meer lezen over Paraguay?

Overtuig je ouders

AFS staat voor ervaring en veiligheid, al meer dan 100 jaar. Dankzij haar wereldwijd netwerk van vrijwilligers, ondersteund door een professionele staf, biedt AFS jongeren de kans om te slagen in een geglobaliseerde wereld. AFS-programma’s helpen jongeren om een wereld te zien die groter is dan wat ze kennen, en om met mensen van andere landen en culturen om te gaan.

Ontdek waarom AFS de juiste keuze is!